Snaefellsnes’ Famous Trolls: Lóndrangar

Many eons ago, huge, hulking trolls fiercely prowled Iceland’s volcanic landscape. Trolls were renowned for their legendary ferocity. But it was the king of the trolls, and his lover, who made history. One night, they walked together to the edge of the sea, and sat, enjoying the ocean air and staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Finally, Read more!

Villages of Snaefellsnes: Arnarstapi and Hellnar

Gorgeous Arnarstapi scenery

So, thanks to our Goecco tour, what do we know about the Snaefellsnes peninsula so far? Insanely windy, frigid, and breathtakingly beautiful. But, while the region looks like just a bunch of lava rock, mountains, and snow – there’s always more to a place than meets the eye. After we stopped at a few volcanoes to Read more!

Volcanoes of Snaefellsnes

The way back down from Saxhóll

If you’ve never ridden a small tour bus up the side of a volcanic crater, you’re missing out. It’s amazing to know that you’re traversing a chunk of land that – in geological terms – recently spewed scalding lava across the nearby landscape. And… it’s also slightly terrifying, in that tour buses aren’t exactly made to off-road uphill like this. HANG ON, y’all.