Meagan’s packing list for a week in Puerto Rico

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We spent such a memorable week in Puerto Rico (obviously!). As a native Floridian, figuring out how to dress in heat and humidity comes pretty natural. But for anyone less accustomed to the tropics, your trip could be memorable in a less fab way if you don’t pack some essentials.

What to pack for a week in Puerto Rico infographic


Other items


  • Lowepro sling camera case
  • Rolling carry-on
  • PACKING CUBES. They are 100% worth the couple bucks up-front investment, because they’ll make your life so much easier!

Handbags and accessories

  • 2 pair sunglasses – one for the beach and excursions, one for everything else
  • 1 – 2 statement necklaces to mix and match for dinners and time out on the town
  • If you have the room, a hat isn’t a bad idea. If you don’t have the room, buy a hat when you get to Old San Juan, and wear it home.

Other products

  • WATERPROOF SUNSCREEN. Lordy, guys. When you’re almost right on the equator, even the most naturally golden-skinned amongst us needs a little help avoiding lobster status.


  • Make sure you’ve got at least one bathing suit that won’t give you funny tan lines and has zero risk of coming off unexpectedly. I was lucky to find an athletic bikini at a Victoria’s Secret semi-sale (though I doubt they still have). It’s two-piece, but the top is as secure as they get – no ties, no tiny strappy bits, good coverage. Two solid straps, and a solid bottom, that stood up to dressing, undressing, re-dressing, putting lifejackets on, taking them off, with no scares.
  • Remember that, even though it’s pretty toasty year-round, unless you’re staying inland, you’ll likely have sea breezes. This means that, at night, you’ll probably be happy to have a light wrap or 3/4 sleeve cardigan to stuff in your purse.
  • Think twice about uber-flat shoes if a walking tour is on your list. Either try for athletic shoes or sandals that have a little bit of support to them. Cobbled streets and old sidewalks aren’t terribly friendly to flat, unsupported feet. And wouldn’t you rather be taking pictures than limping through your fabulous week in Puerto Rico?!
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