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From mountain goats to moose: Spotting wildlife in Banff and Jasper National Parks

mountain goat near glacier walk jasper

Plenty of tour companies around Banff and Jasper offer wildlife tours. But you can easily create your own wildlife tour for the price of renting a car!

Exploring Johnston Canyon’s Secret Cave

johnston canyon the secret cave

If you’ve heard of Banff, Alberta’s Johnston Canyon, you’ve probably heard of the Secret Cave. While doing research for our trip, we found that Johnston Canyon is widely recognized for its well-maintained trails, unique walkways bolted to the canyon walls, and beautiful upper and lower falls. But we quickly discovered that it’s also become Insta-famous…

Exploring Johnston Canyon, land of waterfalls and secrets 

johnston canyon with yellow foliage and turquoise water

Banff is the land of turquoise lakes and water running through breathtaking canyons. Where can you get in on his action, you ask? Johnston Canyon.