Houses like macarons: Rue Crèmieux

Meagan and Luke sitting on Rue Cremieux in Paris

If you’ve ever purchased a line of macarons (Pierre Hermé, anyone??), you know what a treat they are for the eye AND the stomach. While Rue Crèmieux won’t satisfy your sweet tooth, it’ll certainly give your eyes – and your camera! – a brilliant feast to remember.

Boyfriend Perspective: Macarons, my ass. It kind of looks like the Easter Bunny threw up. In a good way. If that’s a thing.


Beauté brillante

We had just finished exploring the Promenade Plantée – another lovely pop of color in an already vibrant city – and walked a few streets over to experience this little bit of Paris “off the beaten track.”

As attractions go, this will probably be the quickest thing you do in Paris. At only 144 metres long, this sweet, pedestrianized street feels completely contrary to everything around it. One minute, you’re walking down a very Parisian urban street – all creams, reds, blacks, and greens. Then you hang a left, and suddenly you’ve got dazzlingly bright, happy colors galore.

Boyfriend Perspective: Seriously, it’s a mix between the Easter Bunny and an Instagrammer’s dream come true. Side note, there was at least one hipster girl with a fantastic boyfriend-tog – he must have taken photos of her in 10 poses while we were there!

In addition to all the lovely colors, make sure to look a bit closer. Many of the facades are decorated with trompe l’oeil paintings. On one front, you’ve got the likeness of a cat leaping, mid-hunt, towards a real birdhouse, with painted birds fleeing the scene. On another, simple but detailed likenesses of creeping vines heading up towards the roof. Everywhere you look, there’s something special!

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When to visit

E-A-R-L-Y. As with any other attraction or landmark, of course.

The later it gets, the more people will be up and about… and in the middle of your photos!

Rue Crèmieux lives smack in the middle of a busy area. And, since it’s a pedestrianized street, it attracts a fair number of folks who would prefer not to play dodge ’em with cars on their way to their final destination.


Things to keep in mind

Boyfriend Perspective: There will likely be folks everywhere. Be patient if you’re taking photos!

  • While there are some offices, there are also actual residential houses. So, be respectful of private property. Don’t muck around with people’s plants, animals, or homes.
  • The street is fairly short – shorter than most photos allude to – so be aware that it’ll be tough to take a truly original shot.


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  1. What a pretty post! I like you guys! You look perfect at this place!
    I am a traveller too! I like travel post!
    Teo xxx
    Kisses from Athens

    1. Thank you so much for all your kind words 🙂 Give Athens our love!

  2. These are beautiful! Sort of reminds me of this street in DC with all different pretty townhouses.

    1. Which street is that? We’ve explored pretty much the tip of the DC iceberg, and are always looking for other things to see and do when we head north 🙂

  3. OMG, boyfriend’s perspective cracked me up.

    1. #mylife 😉

      I’m glad you enjoy his sense of humor, too!

  4. Look at all of those pretty colors! The houses and their hues remind me of Rainbow Row here in Charleston! 🙂

    1. Ooo! We need to go see other places like that, because I was just about in heaven 🙂 also, sending you guys down in Charleston good thoughts! Hope Irma doesn’t give you too much grief.

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