Sólheimajökull: Exploring one of Iceland’s South Coast glaciers

Meagan walking away from Solheimajokull

Located near Skogar in the south of Iceland, Sólheimajökull is perhaps one of the easiest glaciers to approach and experience. No surprise, then, that tons of tour companies offer glacier walks and experiences on and around the glacier. The scenery, alone, was nothing short of astounding, ESPECIALLY for a Florida girl and a Virginia boy!

5 things you SHOULDN’T do in Iceland

As anyone who has researched locations and then traveled to those locations can tell you, there’s only so much the Google can prepare you for when heading abroad. And while every article out there tells you everything you should see and do, very few give you a heads up about what to avoid in your location of choice. So, since experience is such a fab teacher, here are 5 things our time in Iceland taught us to avoid for next time.

Volcanoes of Snaefellsnes

The way back down from Saxhóll

If you’ve never ridden a small tour bus up the side of a volcanic crater, you’re missing out. It’s amazing to know that you’re traversing a chunk of land that – in geological terms – recently spewed scalding lava across the nearby landscape. And… it’s also slightly terrifying, in that tour buses aren’t exactly made to off-road uphill like this. HANG ON, y’all.